Newland AIDC repairing service covers Newland branded products that are under warranty, a service contract or through an incident repair cost. When your devices need to be repaired, you can simply fill out the repair request form and submit it to Newland AIDC service department.
Follow these simple steps to get started:
  • Fill out the Repair Request Form here.
  • Our service team will determine whether the product can be fixed remotely or should be shipped back to us for further inspection.
  • If the product needs to be shipped, you will receive a confirmation form with an authorization number related to your case and the shipping address of our service depot.
  • Print out the form and attach it with your shipment.
  • We will make all reasonable endeavors to provide a repair turnaround time of five (5) business days from receipt at service center.
Have you already submitted a repair request? Click here to track the progress.
Request Form
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